Throwing Skills workshop

Algys, John and Craig have agreed to mentor a throwing workshop for club members on April 17 at the college. They will be available to help with what ever members want to work on, or can demo if folks are wondering how specific forms are made.

The shifts, depending on participation, will be :
10 am to approx. noon
Break for lunch until 12:30
12:30 to approx. 2:30.

If members can please contact Leah ( directly with what you might be wanting help with, I can group like minded people together, and can prepare the mentors.

Also let me know first and second choice for time slots. It will be first come first reserved.
Hoping to have up to 10 people per shift.

Silent auditing will be allowed.

Thanks all

Robin Hopper Bursary for Ceramic Arts

Robin Hopper Bursary for Ceramic Arts

The Potters Place Gallery began this bursary for students and makers of Ceramic Arts in March 2017 in honor of Robin Hopper.

Each year a bursary will be awarded to a qualified recipient for use in ceramic studies, workshops & research & development etc.,  all in the realm of clay/ceramics.

You can donate to this bursary or learn more about how to apply at the Potters Place Website.

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