Featured Potter: Bev Pather

BA Fine Arts-Emily Carr Institute of Art And Design

Bev Pather was born in South Africa and emigrated to Canada in 1990. For most of her life, she worked with youth, creating art programs to fulfill the creative needs of young people.  Art-making became a way of life for her.

“ creating art through exploration of cultural story-telling, opened my world of ideas and perceptions, beyond the norm. I wanted to tell my own story through art. I found clay to be a medium most appealing to my tactile and sensory experiences in the world.”


Her love for ceramics lead to the creation of the Birth series, a sculptural rendition of her experience of a woman giving birth in community with the support of her whole family.

“ giving birth to one’s children, a personal and intimate highlight of my life, also proved to be ‘political’.  A woman’s right to choose how and where she wanted to give birth, the rituals involved in ceremony of the birthing experience, all this, was a matter of life and death, hence the provocative stance I chose, to give birth with the guidance of a midwife and my family.”

Currently, she delves deeply in the physicality of the human body, focusing on the heart. She continues to push through the layers of matter, connecting metaphorically the bridge between mind and matter, reality and illusionary perceptions. The heart metamorphose into a teapot, once again bringing to the ”domestic’ table, conversations of heart-to-heart dialogue.

Her work can be accessed via her webpage: www.hearttoart.online


Emma Heitzmann Campbell River Pottery

Featured Potter Emma Heitzmann

Profile Image of Emma HeitzmannEmma Heitzmann is a potter living in Campbell River, BC who has been throwing clay for some time but got serious with her craft in 2012. Her work can be found at Raven Song Gallery on Quadra Island, and the Island Potters Shop on Hornby Island

When did you first start creating pottery?
I first started seriously creating pottery in 2012, although I had taken classes and played around variously throughout my youth. I’ve always liked playing in mud!

Do you have a studio?
I am lucky enough to be renting studio space from another CVPC member!

Do you at times open it to the public?
Yes, typically during daytime week days. Setting it up ahead of time would assure I would be there!

Will you be selling your pieces at any markets or galleries this year?
I currently have work at Raven Song Gallery on Quadra Island, the Saratoga Gift shop, and I’m happy to be participating in the Island Pottery Shop on Hornby again this year.

What do you enjoy about being a member of the Comox Valley Potters Club?
We’re a community of makers who are happy to share skills and information. It’s always amazing to see what others are up to and it’s awesome to have so many around me that like to support each other.

What would you say to someone considering purchasing your pottery as a gift for someone?
Each piece I make is unique, I can never replicate exactly the same results–and I like it that way! One of my favourite things is to be able to bring a piece of nature into the home with me, and still have it be functional and usable.

You can’t unfire a kiln, but you can try, try, try again till you figure it out! Emma Heitzmann



Featured Potter Jane Murray-Smith

Jane Murray-Smith is an artist who discovered clay in 1998. She is now a potter full time working from her home studio and gallery (Phoenix Gallery) with her partner where she creates stoneware, raku, and works with horsehair and feathers.

Jane Murray Smith Vancouver Island Potter

When did you first start creating pottery?
In 1998, I took my first course in clay at the Nanaimo Pottery Co-op. Previously I had explored watercolour and life drawing. As much as I loved watercolour, the call for more texture in the surfaces led eventually to clay. I graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria in 1972. Further studies included courses at the Arrowsmith Potters Guild and at the Metchosin Summer School of the Arts.

The mentorship and generosity of professional potter friends continued to encourage my growth and in June of 2002 I quit my day job in order to pursue pottery full time.

Will you be selling your pieces at any markets or galleries this year?
Nautical Days, Comox, August 3rd 4th 5th, 2018
Art and Music in the Garden, Gardens at HCP, Saanich , August 25th and 26th 2018

Do you have a studio/gallery?
In the summer of 2003 I joined with a group of potters in a storefront gallery, Pyromania Pottery in Coombs. I also have a home gallery.

Are you open to the public?
Yes… at our home gallery Phoenix Gallery in Lantzville, BC.

Jane Murray-Smith
Lantzville, British Columbia

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