Featured Potter: Bev Pather

BA Fine Arts-Emily Carr Institute of Art And Design

Bev Pather was born in South Africa and emigrated to Canada in 1990. For most of her life, she worked with youth, creating art programs to fulfill the creative needs of young people.  Art-making became a way of life for her.

“ creating art through exploration of cultural story-telling, opened my world of ideas and perceptions, beyond the norm. I wanted to tell my own story through art. I found clay to be a medium most appealing to my tactile and sensory experiences in the world.”


Her love for ceramics lead to the creation of the Birth series, a sculptural rendition of her experience of a woman giving birth in community with the support of her whole family.

“ giving birth to one’s children, a personal and intimate highlight of my life, also proved to be ‘political’.  A woman’s right to choose how and where she wanted to give birth, the rituals involved in ceremony of the birthing experience, all this, was a matter of life and death, hence the provocative stance I chose, to give birth with the guidance of a midwife and my family.”

Currently, she delves deeply in the physicality of the human body, focusing on the heart. She continues to push through the layers of matter, connecting metaphorically the bridge between mind and matter, reality and illusionary perceptions. The heart metamorphose into a teapot, once again bringing to the ”domestic’ table, conversations of heart-to-heart dialogue.

Her work can be accessed via her webpage: www.hearttoart.online