Featured Potter Maeve Collins

Featured Potter Maeva Collins

Maeva CollinsPotter Maeva Collins lives in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island surrounded by the ocean, rivers, mountains and rain forest on a small acreage which allows her the freedom to pit fire and wood fire her creations.

Maeva specializes in unique burnished pit fired vessels with silky surfaces that beg to be touched. When creating her wood fired work, Maeva’s goal is to produce pieces that are unique and sophisticated in design with wonderful colour and texture when fired. In both cases she relies on the firing process to produce dramatic patterns that draw the viewer in.

When did you first start creating pottery?

Do you have a studio?

Do you at times open it to the public?
Yes, by appointment.

Will you be selling your pieces at any markets or galleries this year?
The Potters Place Gallery & The Pot Shop on Hornby Island. All other galleries are out of the Comox Valley.

What do you enjoy about being a member of the Comox Valley Potters Club?
Sharing my love for creating ceramic art.

What would you say to someone considering purchasing your pottery as a gift for someone?
I would explain the firing process and let them know how much I enjoyed creating it.

A Pottery related quote, idea, tip, or suggestion you would offer those considering learning your craft.
Don’t get attached to your creations; the next one will be better.

Maeva Collins
Courtenay, British Columbia
Studio: Flying Ash Pottery

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